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How to Stream Live Video

How to Stream Live Video



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Aquaria Cam – Live Streaming Video


Sharing live streaming video with friends and family is one of the joys of modern technology. How wonderful to share moments in real time.
Here is how we stream our live aquaria camera.




Things You’ll Need

  • Webcam32 by http://www.surveyorcorp.com
  • webcam
  • tripod
  • online domain with unlimited bandwidth
  • lighting
  • computer with a Windows 98 SE or XP
  • S-Video cable
    • 1

      This article is written for those with some basic programming experience.

      Download Webcam32 and install. Reboot your system.

    • 2

      Hook up your camera and any applicable software. Make sure that it is functioning correctly.

      We have an ATI Video Card. Our camera is a DVI-D30.

    • 3

      Build a page on your domain using the code on this page:


      Replace with your computer’s ip address.

    • 4

      You can get your ip address by visiting this link from the computer that is hooked up to your camera:


    • 5

      Create a Webcam32 file on your server. Upload this to your Webcam32 file on your server:


      You don’t need to do additional chmod. Also, this is binary mode for upload.

    • 6

      Start Webcam32 from your computer.

      Click on “File” “Preferences”. Goto TCIP. Check single, applet, server push and remote.

      Goto FTP. enter your server ex. ftp.yourdomainname.com
      Enter your username and password (that you use to upload to your server).
      Enter the directory that your Webcam32 will use on your server ex: cam/Webcam32
      Enter file name ex: webcam32.jpg
      Check enable. Upload 30. Save count 0.

      FTP Advanced check % of use. (To save bandwidth)

      Set timeout to 10000 or 30000 so that users computers will timeout after awhile to save on bandwidth usage. (They can always hit refresh on their browser to reload cam).

      IP Upload: enter page on your computer ex: c:\ProgramFiles\SurveyorCorporation\Webcam32\camname.html (This page is from step 3 i.e. the page you created from the given html.) Enter the name for the page where it says “camname”.

      Check upload HTML at startup.
      Check upload HTML upon change.

      Under Video:
      Set your source to your camera i.e. S-Video.

      Under Image check image compare enabled and % to 20.

    • 7

      For an example of the camera up and running see our Aquaria Cam at:


      Please note that cam is not always active. Try back to catch stream if it is turned off.

    • 8

      Goto: http://www.surveyorcorp.com/support/webcam32help/index.html

      for additional setup information, discussion groups and trouble shooting.

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usefull links:

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5. http://www.ehow.com/how_4964120_stream-live-video-website.html

6. http://www.willingsoftware.com/help/FTP%20Upload.shtml






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