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16 Sep

scripts collection by : Anatoly Spektor (

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Yesterday I have searched through the i-net trying to find some good Voting/poll scripts.

I had a list of things that poll should have:

1. No database dependent
2. Dynamic results
3. Ability for admin to create/publish/collect results
4. Open-source
5. Ability to choose multiple answers

So here is 5 scripts I have reviewed:

1. WRD Poll this poll is made with bunch of different languages – Ajax, Mysql, PHP, JQuery. Unfortunately, it does not satisfy some of the requirements. However, what I like about this particular poll – It is very simple. The code for this poll is less than 200 lines, meaning it can be easily adjusted, and this poll can serve as a good building ground . It is database dependent, but this script can be easily rewritten and information can be stored in the flat file, so it’s not a problem in this particular case. Also,script is coded in such a way that to run the script, website administrator needs to include only one function, so it is easy to integrate. One more thing i like about it, is that it shows the results in a fancy dynamic way, and has feature that saves cookie info, not allowing user to vote second time.
It also counts votes and percentages very neatly. This poll can be easily turned into object-oriented version, connecting some of its function with admin class and some with user class. To my mind simplicity of this poll makes it a good candidate for using in any project and it is FREE.

What I don’t like about this script is that it does not allow to choose multiple answers and don’t have administration features at all.

2.Kobo Poll is a simple PHP+JQuery written poll without administration features it also does not have ip logging, so users can vote several times. However, it is very easy to configure, upgrade and it is FREE. I like this script because it is even easier to configure than previous one,it has an attractive design, and great potential. It can be modified for any project. Also it does not need a database. So to sum up, Kobo can be a good candidate as a base on which developers can build anything, and also it can be a simple addition for a website that does not require something extra-special.

3. Smart PHP Poll this script is very nice and powerful, but in the same time – simple. It is built using PHP+MySQL and has admin panel allowing to change the look of the poll, create and manage polls. Also it is easily integrated to any website. Biggest disadvantage of this script is that it is not Open-Source. It means that as a developer, I cannot change the code without getting permission of the owner of copyrights, and in some cases getting permission is even more costly than developing a brand new script.

4.PHP/Flash Tutorial – this is a tutorial on how to make the PHP-Flash web poll. This script is database independent, it uses text files instead of database.Also, It uses PHP as the way to save the results and Flash to display them. The code is freely available. I like this tutorial more than other programs, because it gives me huge flexibility. The result of this tutorial is simple polling script, however, on the other hand it is of the best backgrounds to write a poll script, especially, if Flash is required as the way to interact with a user. This script is also taking care of tracking users who already voted. The only thing, I would want it to have is ability to select multiple options, but unfortunately I haven’t found free scripts that have this feature. On the other hand, it could be something that can be scripted. Also this script does not have administration, but the source code can be easily converted to object-oriented PHP, thus converting some function into class methods.

Simple Demo

5. PHP/SQL/CSS Object Oriented Poll this poll is build in PHP + Mysql, however, with some work MySQL can be switched to the plain text file. What is particularly good about this poll is that it is fully object-oriented + open source, thus it can be easily integrated and customized. Script also has IP Logging feature. Unfortunately it does not have admin page and dynamic results and to choose multiple answers, but is FREE and very well structure allowing to add those features later on, or maybe to combine some scripts together. This is a very good candidate to serve as a background for any project.

I will keep exploring, and I will keep you guys updates. If you know any cool polling scripts, feel free to comment to this post, I would love to include them.


2 thoughts on “PHP Poll Script”

    1. I am just collecting beautiful stuff. Sorry if i have borrow one from your collection. i will add you name as real collector no worries. By the way i think those were mean to be open and shared.


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