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CSS Framework










CSS Framework

The Skeleton download is a zip file (~27kb) containing all the CSS groundwork and JS goodies to get started on any web project.

Download Skeleton 1.1 from Github

Download Skeleton PSD Template

(A la 960.gs PSD template)

The file structure for Skeleton is:

  • index.html: The base html page that includes the necessary initial markup
  • stylesheets (folder)
    • base.css: Basic styles of Skeleton
    • skeleton.css: The glorious Skeleton grid
    • layout.css: File with no specific styles, but a variety of useful media queries
  • javascripts (folder)
    • tabs.js: Contains code for activating tabs and should house your site’s JS/jQuery (using Google’s CDN to pull in jQuery as well)
    • plugins (folder): An empty directory for your jQuery plugins
  • images (folder):
    • favicon.ico: Standard 16×16 favicon
    • apple-touch-icon (x3): All three sizes of Apple touch icons for iPhone 3, iPad and iPhone 4 with retina.
  • robots.txt: SEO, search-crawler file. Don’t need to touch it, just there for your own good
  • 404.html: Placeholder 404 page just to get you started

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