Insert Content Automatically After Each Post

Insert Content Automatically After Each Post

Sm4 in 10 Useful WordPress Hook Hacks

The problem.
Most blogs use the single.php template to insert some text, images or ads just after a post. Sure, this can be done by opening single.php and pasting the desired text after the the_content() function. But the text won’t show up in your RSS feed? Hooks and the technique described below solve this problem.

The solution.
One again, simply paste the code below in the functions.php file of your theme. That’s it.

01 function insertFootNote($content) {
02         if(!is_feed() && !is_home()) {
03                 $content.= "<div class='subscribe'>";
04                 $content.= "<h4>Enjoyed this article?</h4>";
05                 $content.= "<p>Subscribe to our  <a href='http://feeds2.feedburner.com/WpRecipes'>RSS feed</a> and never miss a recipe!</p>";
06                 $content.= "</div>";
07         }
08         return $content;
09 }
10 add_filter ('the_content''insertFootNote');

Code explanation.
The purpose of the insertFootNote() function is pretty simple: it simply concatenates text of your choice to the $content variable, which contains your post’s content.

Then, our insertFootNote() function is hooked to the the_content() function, and it is automatically called every time the the_content is called. Using this function is basically the same as typing in the text at the end of each post.

Notice the (!is_feed) condition on line 2, which prevents the text from being inserted in the RSS feed. If you want the text to appear in your RSS feed, replace line 2 with the following:

1 if (!is_home()) {



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