awesome jquery plugin list

full jquery plugin list, i found this blog very usefull, so hope any one who find this blog will also found very useful

check this site for more plugins

  • Accessibility Stylesheet and text size switcher.
  • Accordion Accordion interface with a few variations.
  • AlphaNumeric Prevent users from inputing special characters.
  • Ajax File Upload Loading graphic displays while file is uploaded.
  • appendDom Write HTML with JavaScript, great for displaying Ajax results.
  • appendText Converts text into post friendly html.
  • blockUI EXCELLENT Create a message overlay while blocking user interaction on elements or the entire page.
  • BogoFolders View text through a ‘file menu’ interface.
  • BogoTabs Basic tabbed interface.
  • Bubble Demo highlights selected table rows in groups of tables..
  • Calendar Aids date entry.
  • Checkbox manipulation Select, unselect and toggle checkboxes.
  • Chili EXCELLENT Syntax highlighting for displaying code on webpages.
  • Choose Component Select data from a table row through a modal window.
for more check following blog



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